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Undergraduate Module: Social & Environmental Futures

Future thinking is an essential skill for emerging leaders. To create sustainable, desirable futures for our communities, making decisions with a long-term perspective will be important.

This course module is intended to help teach future thinking to undergraduate students. It introduces students to the challenges and opportunities of social and ecological change and uses the Yahara 2070 scenarios to stimulate long-term thinking.

Download the module.

While designed for an environmental studies course, it could serve many related courses.

Instructors can tailor the module and accompanying presentation (below) to meet their needs. This module can also be used in courses that lie outside the geographic area of the Yahara Watershed, as the issues and ideas are relevant elsewhere, too.


This module was created by Chloe Wardropper, a PhD candidate in the UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and a student on the Water Sustainability and Climate project.